Continuing Education Credit

Learning ASL Series

CourseEnrollmentSCECH (CEU's)CNE (CE's)
Beginning ASL$75.0015 ($95.00)15 ($95.00)
Basic ASL$75.0015 (95.00)15 (95.00)
Intermediate ASL$75.0015 ($95.00)15 ($95.00)
Advanced ASL$75.0015 ($95.00)15 ($95.00)

The four Signing Online courses are:

  • Beginning ASL (ASL 101) – learn the basics of the language and simple conversations.
  • Basic ASL (ASL 102) – based on what you learned in Beginning ASL, you will learn additional vocabulary, more and more advance conversation.
  • Intermediate ASL (ASL 103) – expanded learning enables you to express and comprehend more advanced signs and finger spelling
  • Advanced ASL (ASL 104) – this course ties together all that you have learned and you will now have the knowledge to enhance your fluency and continue your learning in ASL.

Signing Online offers web-based courses, designed to effectively teach you American Sign Language (ASL) at your own pace from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smart phone. These courses focus on conversational ASL and use videos to demonstrate the visual nature of signing. The courses are perfect for anyone wanting to learn ASL.

Continuing Education Credit can only be given once for each course level. You must complete 15 hours online with a passing grade for each application.

Mailing Address:   Prof. Chris Hunter, Signing Online, LLC.           1773 Maple St., Holt, MI 48842


Continuing Education Credit-add to cart from drop-down menu at registration. 

Signing Online is a recognized provider of Continuing Education credit for Educators ($95.00 per course).

Continuing Education Clock Hours for Teachers- SCECH (formerly SB-CEU's)

We offer several courses for State-Board Approved Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) for educators. You can earn 15 SCECH's for taking any of the Learning ASL Series, or 60 SCECHs to take all four. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a Michigan teacher or affiliated with a Michigan school district the Michigan Department of Education no longer accepts these participants into their MOECs system. Michigan State University now grants the certificates for these participants. Please check with the accrediting agency in your State to see if they accept these hours for your certification.

 Any other participants that are affiliated with a Michigan school district and or is a Michigan teacher must give you their PIC number to enter into our system along with their name, email etc.  Program information is uploaded to MDE.  Once this is done these participants are required to complete MDE’s evaluation of the program.  Once the evaluation is completed, they can then view their program online with MDE.  MDE retains all program information for Michigan teachers and those affiliated with any Michigan school district on their site for professional development purposes.

 Send your completed course forms to Prof Chris Hunter, 1773 Maple St., Holt, MI 48842. (Faxes and emailed versions will no longer be accepted). You must sign a separate form for each course level, have completed at least 15 hours per course, and include your PIC# if you have one.  Signing Online will verify your information and send it to our sponsor Michigan State University, to submit to Michigan Department of Education (MDE). You may then access the Professional Development Website at:,4615,7-140-5683_57223---,00.html (copy and paste into your browser address bar) where you will be required to:

  • fill in your personal account using the same email address as for Signing Online. 

    If you are affiliated with MDE in their MOECS system then include your PIC number.

  • complete the MDE evaluation
  • pay an additional $20.00 if you require an official transcript from MDE.(some districts do not require an "official" transcript)