Video Appraisals


SOL Optional Evaluation Service  The easiest way to send files is to use As long as the file is under 5 GB, this service works very well and is easy to use (drag and drop). Use: and  

We do not have access to your Google Drive file. If you would like to share the video using Google Drive, please allow my access using permissions in google.

SOL offers American Sign Language evaluation service to those students who desire feedback on their “expressive” skills. The evaluation includes checking vocabulary for correct parameter usage, correct grammar and for correct hand shape in fingerspelling and numbers. Expressive evaluations are done by private professionals who are involved in ASL education. Students requiring evaluation of Signing Online course material send a 4-5 minute video of signed answers in response to a given set of questions through email. (Or students may send a 4-5 minute video of a poem, song or reading.) The student will receive a written explanation back from the professional through email. Expressive submissions may only be up to 5 minutes in length. The personal service is an optional extra and will cost $40 per appraisal. Expressive Video appraisals should be completed and sent to the appraiser after the final quiz (lesson#10) and before the final exam. This service is now available by adding it to your shopping cart. Please email to confirm registration.

If you wish to practice your ASL expressive skills you may video-chat with an ASL expert.  Please email Jenny Stewart ( to set up a time and determine the cost.  You may pay through the site "add to cart" for 20-30min. or can make private arrangements with the instructor for more or less time allotments.