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Advanced ASL 104

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Ten dialogs introduce over 200 new ASL signs in our advanced ASL course. The dialogs look at conversations that take place around the house and school, common phrases associated with talking about the weather and sports, and end with two lessons devoted to talking about ASL. In addition, there is one advanced ASL lesson that introduces the ASL linguistic feature known as classifiers. They illustrate more ways in which a variety of ASL sentence structures can be used to form conversational sentences. Further fascinating insights into the lives of people in the Deaf community are presented in each of the ten lessons and this time with topics relating to rationale for visual applause, the creation of name signs, the varied use of the directional verb-sign LOOK-at, an association for Deaf and hearing people, the importance of eye movements when signing ASL, the relationship of signing to intellectual development in babies, rules for sports in the Deaf community, and personal alert systems.


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