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-SigningOnline Single Video Evaluation Service:  SigningOnline offers American Sign Language evaluation services to those students who desire feedback on their “expressive” skills. Evaluation includes checking vocabulary for correct parameter usage, correct grammar and for correct hand shape in fingerspelling and numbers. Evaluations are done by private professionals who are involved in ASL education. Students send a 3-5 minute video of signed answers in response to a given set of questions or a 3-5 minute video of a poem, song or reading. The student will receive a written explanation back from the professional through email. Expressive submissions may only be up to 5 minutes in length. The service will cost $40 per appraisal. Add to your cart and contact for availability.

-SigningOnline offers one-to-one support of course materials to students who require more instruction in expressive and receptive signing to meet school or organization requirements. For each course level the course facilitator will provide two half hour face-to-face expressive/receptive meetings. Prospective students must contact prior to enrollment to confirm availability. Students are encouraged to email questions as necessary.  This comprehensive service costs an additional $125.00 for each level in addition to the price of the online course ($75.00). It is up to you to contact the teacher and to keep all appointments.  Missed appointments will not be made up.

Questions? email: Please include student's user name, email address, and school affiliation/contact if appropriate. 

 Please direct all questions or concerns to:


Everything you need to learn and complete the four online courses is available online. If you desire a textbook to supplement your online learning, we recommend E-Z American Sign Language published by Barrons Educational Series.

The free Suggested Supplementary Curriculum Guide is meant to enhance (not replace) the online work with activities and practice opportunities. It has been created to help teachers and parents with ideas to create supplemental assignments and relevent study to further enhance the student's ASL learning experiance.

This document shows the current ASL alignments/ rules fulfilled by SigningOnline.

Shows the current ASL requirements fulfilled by SigningOnline.

A good introductory class for your students.

More suggestions for class activities.















Access Instructor Support!

Instructor Support (ASL101) $125.00
Instructor Support (ASL102) $125.00
Instructor Support (ASL103) $125.00
Instructor Support (ASL104) $125.00
Video Evaluation (ASL101) $40.00
Video Evaluation (ASL102) $40.00
Video Evaluation (ASL103) $40.00
Video Evaluation (ASL104) $40.00