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SigningOnline is taught and tested online. We offer ASL classes from Beginner to Advanced ASL depending on your needs. You can expand your ASL vocabulary with our dictionaries. Just click on the course name or number for details included in each level. With Standard Enrollment, each course level should fill 15 hours of online study. However, if you want to dive deeper into the online lessons, we provide two options:

  1. The Curriculum Review Guide*
  2. Our Curriculum Supplement is an option for additional offline curriculum

*The Curriculum Guide, formerly known as the Guided Reading Manual is available as an interactive set of graded online quizzes.

Supplementary Materials Overview

Single Video Evaluation Service

SigningOnline offers American Sign Language evaluation services to those students who desire feedback on their “expressive” skills. Evaluation includes checking vocabulary for correct parameter usage, correct grammar and for correct hand shape in fingerspelling and numbers. Evaluations are done by private professionals who are involved in ASL education. Students send a 3-5 minute video of signed answers in response to a given set of questions or a 3-5 minute video of a poem, song or reading. The student will receive a written explanation back from the professional through email. Expressive submissions may only be up to 5 minutes in length. The service will cost $60 per appraisal.

Add to your cart and contact [email protected] for instructor availability.

Curriculum Reading Supplement

Everything you need to learn and complete the four online courses is available online. However, we recommend American Sign Language The Easy Way (2nd Edition) to supplement your online learning as well as to be used with the Suggested Supplementary Curriculum.

Curriculum Supplement

The Curriculum Supplement is available if you are enrolled in all four courses (ASL 101, 102, 103, and 104) and is meant to enhance (not replace) the online work with activities and practice opportunities. It has been created to help teachers and parents with ideas to create supplemental assignments and relevant studies to further enhance the student's ASL learning experience.

The Curriculum Supplement is mentor-led material whether you are homeschooling or in a classroom.

Curriculum Review Guide

Created to be completed adjacent to online courses. Provides lesson review tests for additional online material proficiency and is graded by the program to give extra student assessments.

Provides a review test for each lesson to help prepare students for the end of lesson quiz and final exam.

ASL Requirements/ Alignments

ASL Requirements show the current ASL requirements fulfilled by SigningOnline.

ASL Introductory Class

A good introductory class for your students.

Suggested Class Activities

More suggestions for class activities.

Books Written By Dr. David Stewart

Language In Motion

This enjoyable book first introduces sign language and communication, follows with a history of sign languages in general, then delves into the structure of ASL. Later chapters outline the special skills of fingerspelling and assess the academic offshoot of artificial sign systems and their value to young deaf children.

American Sign Language the Easy Way, Second Edition

A useful guide both for the deaf and for those who teach or otherwise work among deaf men and women, this book opens with a detailed presentation of the 10 key grammatical rules of ASL.

The Signing Way

Details ways parents can set goals for their deaf children and describes the signing options available.

American Sign Language the Easy Way

Following a general introduction to American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, the author explains the use of "facial grammar" as a preliminary step to learning and understanding manual signing.

Literacy And Your Deaf Child

This guide provides parents with strategies for helping a deaf child learn to read and write, offering activities that parents can do at home with their deaf child and suggestions for working with the child's school and teachers.

Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: Content, Strategies, and Curriculum

This highly practical reference for both pre-service and in-service teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing covers methods of teaching and other issues related to the teaching of deaf students.

Sign Language Interpreting- Exploring Its Art and Science (2nd Edition)
Sign Language Interpreting: Exploring Its Art and Science (2nd Edition)

a comprehensive exploration of the practice and research relating to sign language interpreting. A pleasant conversational style of writing is used to present the problems, the issues, and the options in this field as they are known today.

Deaf Sport: The Impact of Sports within the Deaf Community

Deaf Sport profiles noted deaf sports figures and the differences particular to Deaf sports, such as the use of sign language for score keeping, officiating, and other communication.

Sign Language Interpreting: Its Art and Science

Sign Language Interpreting is designed to bridge the gap between those who know and use sign, those who do not, those who interpret, and those who administer and finance interpreting programs.

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