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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning a new language can present some unique challenges, but for the not-so-unique stuff we’ve got our frequently asked questions listed below to help you answer any questions you’ve got about the world of ASL.


FAQ Section

ASL is an acronym for American Sign Language. In ASL, the hands communicate by forming signs. These signs have meaning just like spoken words in English have meaning. When you learn to sign in ASL, you are learning a new way to say things. Learning ASL also means learning how to express yourself using your eyes, face, head movements, and body movements. Along with the hands, these features make ASL an exciting language to learn and use.


Who is SigningOnline for?

Signing Online was created for people who wish to learn ASL but have little or no access to instructors or for those students who require curriculum for ASL classes. Learning ASL can be especially beneficial to those who regularly interact with the deaf community or the hard of hearing as sign language can bridge the gap of communication for them. Also, many parents choose to take signing online classes to teach their baby sign language to communicate with them during preverbal and toddler stages.

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