Basic ASL 102

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Ten dialogs introduce over 200 new ASL signs. The dialogs cover common phrases used to talk about the family and relatives, terminology popular in the Deaf community, and common means of communicating with a Deaf person including the use of a TTY which allows Deaf people to have conversations over a phone line. The basic ASL course dialogs cover a wide range of ASL sentence structures that will help beginning signers communicate more comfortably in ASL. Information about the lives of people in the Deaf community is presented in each of the ten lessons of our basic ASL course. Topics covered include Deaf people from different countries communicating in sign language with one another, truths and misconceptions about lipreading, hearing loss, strategies Deaf people use to get someone’s attention, closed captioning in theaters, hearing dogs, how parts of a sign can be altered so that the meaning of a sign changes, and a popular Deaf joke.