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Sign Language for High School Credit

High School graduation requirements are designed to develop skills and knowledge required for jobs of the 21st century. Signing Online offers American Sign Language courses to prepare students for the world post-graduation. High Schools that accredit Signing Online's internationally acclaimed curriculum allow students to fulfill online web-based courses as a language (foreign or world) credit; an elective; a directed study; or for credit recovery, to prepare for graduation.


Primary Contact: [email protected]

If necessary you may text 517-980-5662.  Please include email address or user name for verification and security purposes.

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For classrooms and groups our online curriculum is taught and tested online.  Lesson plans are shown on the landing page under the video.  Just click on the course name or number.  Enhancements for larger groups include a "Guided Reading" manual and a separate administrative program page showing the students progress, time and grades.  The Guided Reading manual can be downloaded and copied for students.  Schools often use Beginning(101) and Basic(102) for YEAR ONE, with Intermediate(103) and Advanced(104) for YEAR TWO.

For students working individually our online curriculum is taught and tested completely online ($105.00/course level/6 months access). Individuals working alone without curriculum supplementation often take all four course levels in one year to optimize the time requirements for credit.

Lesson plans are shown on the landing page under the video.  Just click on the course name or number to see what is available.  Independent students can adjust the workload to fit the time/workload requirements by using one course level each semester/term with the downloadable Suggested supplementary curriculum guide with "E-Z American Sign Language" (Amazon <$20.00) offline to augment the online studies.

It is up to you and your school to decide what is needed to receive the credit.  Most schools require the student fulfill a certain number of hours and may possibly have to demonstrate their signing ability. This can be done with an ASL Interpreter at the school or a trusted deaf individual in the community with ASL expertise.  SigningOnline offers an optional video appraisal at an additional cost.  Please see descriptions on the Instructor Support page.

Signing Online provides curriculum to high schools across the United States and Canada. THE CREDIT ALLOWED FOR SIGNING ONLINE COURSEWORK IS DECIDED BY YOU OR YOUR SCHOOL.

SigningOnline is not a school.  We provide the curriculum for your school to accredit.

We issue our invoices using QuickBooks software. If you prefer a PDF invoice, please let us know. A $10 service charge applies to each PDF invoice.

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