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Learning ASL Series

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The four Signing Online courses are:

  • Beginning ASL (ASL 101) – learn the basics of the language and simple conversations.
  • Basic ASL (ASL 102) – based on what you learned in Beginning ASL, you will learn additional vocabulary, more and more advance conversation.
  • Intermediate ASL (ASL 103) – expanded learning enables you to express and comprehend more advanced signs and finger spelling
  • Advanced ASL (ASL 104) – this course ties together all that you have learned and you will now have the knowledge to enhance your fluency and continue your learning in ASL.

High School graduation requirements are designed to develop skills and knowledge required for jobs of the 21st century. High Schools that accredit Signing Online's internationally acclaimed curriculum allow students to fulfill online web-based courses as electives, directed study, or credit recovery.

Foreign or world language -one or two year program. (see our Free suggested curriculum guide and Guided reading manual on the "Instructors Support tab)

Contactinfo@signingonline.com  (Include "Signing Online" in the subject box and user name for current students).   517-980-5662  -please email rather than leave a message.

Signing Online provides curriculum to high schools across the United States and Canada. THE CREDIT ALLOWED FOR SIGNING ONLINE COURSEWORK IS DECIDED BY YOU OR YOUR SCHOOL. 

There are 10 lessons per course level with a quiz at the end of each lesson followed by a final exam at the end of the course. Students should do ONE lesson every one to two weeks for good information retention.

Many schools use the four online courses with the Guided Reading Manual as the basis for a two-year foreign language credit in a Blended or Hybrid learning option. It provides the classroom teacher with more detailed lesson work thereby encouraging students to study and practice for a minimum amount of time before attempting the lesson quiz. The course administrator may reset the final exam as needed.

Teacher/Mentor Administration Function-use your own teacher/class leader, or hire our ASL teacher-professional.  See Instructor Support tab

Schools may choose to use our qualified ASL teachers to facilitate the online courses for individual students, or they may wish to use their own teacher resources to lead larger class groups.  

Instructor Support: Our Signing Online ASL teachers work with students to fulfill credit requirements as set out by your school or organization.        

Schools Faculty/Staff-  For groups of 10 or more students schools may wish to use their own administrator or class leader. They will be provided with a secure Administration page within their own program listing student names and emails, showing time-on-line, quizzes, and the final exam grade.  Administrators have access to Guided Reading Manuals with manual answer keys.               

The free Suggested Supplementary Curriculum Guide is meant to enhance (not replace) the online work with activities and practice opportunities.  It has been created to help teachers/parents with ideas to create supplemental assignments and relevant study to further enhance individual students ASL learning experience. 

ASL Alignment - pdf

ASL Requirements.doc

Video Assessment opportunity- see Instructor Support

Additional Activities.doc

TEXTBOOK: E-Z American Sign Language by David A Stewart -3rd edition

                   American Sign Language - The Easy Way 

GUIDED READING KEY: Available to group administrators at this time. Materials created by Deirdre Dempsey.  

Our Program Will Make Your Job Easier and More Efficient

  • more help in the classroom-administrative organization
  • better communication with students
  • state-of-the-art resources
  • consistent/creative curriculum
  • meaningful credit
  • successful students

Signing Online is not a degree granting institution.  We are a provider of content that can be used for credit.  Approval of the courses and the amount of credit to be granted is determined by the district, high school, college or other agency to which the student applies. 

Standard I. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of general language acquisition, communication processes, historical and current research on American Sign Language, and signed languages used by Deaf communities in other countries.
Standard II. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of language as a vehicle of culture, and knowledge of theories of second language learning.  
Standard III. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of effective methodologies for teaching American Sign Language, its history, and its evolution to modern usage.
Standard IV. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of the grammatical features of American Sign Language and knowledge of comparative and contrastive attributes of American Sign Language and English. 
Standard V. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of sociological theories, especially as related to the American Deaf culture and community, and can compare and contrast cultures. 
Standard VI. The ASL teacher demonstrates knowledge of American Deaf culture and its evolution. 
SigningOnline curriculum meets and exceeds the standards that were set out by the TEA in 2004.